Oceania Hospitals Response to Recent Media Coverage

The Board of Oceania Hospitals (Pte) Limited released a public statement today in response to recent developments and media publicity involving the Private Hospital.

The recent allegations against personnel at the Hospital have been independently and thoroughly investigated. Investigations reveal that there are no grounds to substantiate the allegations.

The Board also advises that the Hospital has collaborated with external parties involved in the same investigation. It is disappointing that the matter was made public whilst investigations were still in progress. Responses on the allegations have been addressed with parties concerned with the Hospital’s position clearly articulated. Oceania Hospitals reserves its legal rights on this matter.

Oceania Hospitals wishes to categorically state that it does not tolerate or condone workplace bullying or harassment of any kind and that there are internal policies to safeguard the interests of staff. Internal processes allow for whistleblowing or allegations of harassment to be investigated, and on the basis of the allegations being substantiated, disciplinary action follows. In this instance there are no grounds to warrant any necessary action against alleged persons.

The Board wishes to assure all its internal and external stakeholders, including its highly valued Customers, that the Hospital remains fully focused on providing first class medical services and supporting Fiji’s war against COVID-19. As a key institution in the private medical sector, the Oceania Hospitals team will continue to serve our people with care, compassion, diligence and professionalism.

Malakai Naiyaga