Tuvalu to declare state of emergency

Tuvalu looks set to declare a state of emergency due to the level of destruction caused by Tropical Cyclone Tino last week.

A full assessment of the extent of damage is still unclear, however reports emerged as TC Tino passed of waves innundating the island. It’s reported up to 50 percent of the population may have been affected.

Earlier this week the Papua New Guinea government pledged K3 million (US$87,000) to help Tuvalu and Fiji recover from TC Tino. 

Prior to the arrival of Tino, The Red Cross in Tuvalu said it’s volunteers had responded to more than 100 houses and have distributed tarps and blankets. They were still fielding requests, but were running low on supplies.

There is particular concern over food supplies and infrastructure in the wake of the cyclone.

Fiji and Tonga also suffered some damage as a result of TC Tino.

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