Tuvalu foreign minister Kofe resigns from Cabinet

Simon Kofe (Photo: Ministry of Justice, Communication and Foreign Affairs, Tuvalu)

Tuvalu’s foreign Minister Simon Kofe has announced his resignation from the island nation’s Cabinet on Friday.

“Friends, today in Parliament I made a significant announcement. I’ve decided to relinquish my responsibilities as Minister for Justice, Communication, and Foreign Affairs, with this change taking effect in the coming week.

“With only four months left before Parliament dissolves, I believe it’s time to channel my energies into completing the essential constitutional review work. This important work, requiring nationwide consultations, will take up much of my time,” Kofe said in a Facebook post.

“This transition also allows me to dedicate more time to key priorities for the Funafuti community, projects I am determined to wrap up before this parliamentary term concludes,” he said.

“I want to assure you all that I will continue supporting the Government, particularly in overseeing the implementation of the DotTV contract and the Future Now project.”

He said MP for Nukufetau, Panapasi Nelesone will replace him.

“In this moment of transition, I am delighted to introduce the recently elected MP for Nukufetau, Panapasi Nelesone, who will be stepping in to fill my position. Panapasi is a truly capable individual who has previously served with distinction as the Secretary to Government. 

“Reflecting on my journey, it’s been an extraordinary one that wouldn’t have been possible without the grace of God and those close to me. Thank You to my loving family, dear friends, and the devoted staff of the Ministry for your unwavering support,” said Kofe in his social media post.

Editor’s note: This post was corrected 31 July. Mr Kofe resigned from Cabinet, not Parliament.