No government yet: Tuvalu MPs still trapped in outer islands

Aerial view of Tuvalu

Tuvalu is yet to form a new government two weeks after their general elections because elected representatives from the outer islands are still stuck and can not make it to the capital Funafuti.

Senior electoral officer Semi Malaki told RNZ Pacific bad weather has delayed boats traveling out to the islands.

In the meantime, ousted Prime Minister Kausea Natano remains the caretaker Prime Minister.

Natano, who powered forward with the Australia-Tuvalu treaty, will not be a part of the new government after he lost his seat in the Funafuti constituency.

Tuvalu will have 10 MPs returning to Parliament along with six newcomers.

There will be no women MPs after Dr Puakena Boreham, the only female candidate in this year’s election, but failed to get the votes to enter Parliament.

Dr Boreham represented Nui in the 2015 and 2019 elections. Six thousand Tuvaluans registered to cast their votes in eight constituencies in the island nation for the 26 January polls.