Teachers turned examiners



In a major shift from the norm, school teachers will be assigned to supervise external examinations this year.

In a circular sent to all schools on 28 August 2018, Permanent Secretary for Education Alison Burchell says these teachers will be given the title of Assistant Supervisor.

The external examinations for which teachers will be engaged in are the Year 6, Year 8, Year 10, Year 12 and Year 13 examinations.

The Ministry of Education has also outlined a set of rules to ensure “the integrity of examinations held in Fiji.”

“The nominated teachers need to maintain the confidentiality and impartiality of the supervision of the process and are mandated to sign the declaration form,” reads the circular.

The Ministry recommends that the nominated teachers should not be teaching at that level or subject that the students will be examined in.

“It would be appropriate for a Year 6 teacher to be supervising a Year 8 examination or a Year 10 English teacher to be supervising a Year 12 Mathematics paper (for example),” write the PS.

All teachers who will take up the responsibility are being asked to sign a declaration of impartiality and confidentiality form.

“I hereby declare that I shall remain impartial and maintain confidentiality on all related information about supervision of the examination,” reads the form.

Teachers will be required to adhere to the “strictest confidentiality.”

“I undertake neither to disclose such information to any person, nor to discuss it with any person in any public place or where others could overhear it at any time before, during or after my appointment.” states the form.

Principals and Head Teachers are now being asked to submit the names of the teachers, who will be involved in the examination supervision process to their District Education Office.