Solomon Islands: Suidani disqualified for not recognising One China policy

Photo: Solomon Islands Government Communications Unit

Solomon Islands Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Rollen Seleso has disqualified former Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani from the Malaita Provincial Assembly in accordance with section 15(1)(a) of the Provincial Government Act 1997. 

Reasons for the disqualification were outlined in a letter to Suidani on 20 March which included Suidani’s ongoing failure to recognise the One China Policy which is a key policy of the National Government which all Provincial Governments are an agent. 

The second reason was Suidani’s collusion with Chinese Taipei in defiance of the Sovereign decision of the National Government to recognise the One China Policy. Minister Seleso said the actions of Suidani as an elected leader to the Malaita Provincial Assembly were governed by the Provincial Government Act 1997. 

“An Executive of a Provincial Assembly is an Agent of the National Government and the Provincial Government is included in the concept of the Crown and therefore must always abide by the decisions of the National Government,” Minister Seleso said.

In addition, Seleso said in Solomon Islands, the National Government has much greater role in governing the country and Provincial Governments have less autonomy. 

“The relationship between the Provincial and Governments is more hierarchical with the National Government exercising greater control over all Provincial Governments,” the Minister said.

Seleso further advice Suidani that as Minister he will not engage in a media debate but rather exercise a power under the Provincial Government Act. 

The Minister also advised Suidani of his right to make representation to the High Court of Solomon Islands for redress. “I advise you of your right to petition the High Court of Solomon Islands to seek relief against the declaration in the High Court as provided for under section 16(2) of the Provincial Government Act 1997,” Seleso said. The Speaker of the Malaita Provincial Assembly was advised to officially declare Suidani’s seat in ward five of Baegu-West Fataleka vacant in accordance with section 16(1) of the Provincial Government Act.