Solomon Islands granted three years LDC graduation extension by UN

Aerial view of Honiara, Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has been granted three years’ extension by the United Nations to prepare for least developed countries (LDCS) graduation.

This was made possible through a Resolution which was adopted by the General Assembly in New York on Friday 25 August 2023.

Solomon Islands was due to graduate from the Least Developed Country category in 2024. However, preparations by the Government have been disrupted by 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 domestic civil unrest, climate change and conflict in Europe. 

The fragility of Solomon Islands’ narrow economic base and the ability to absorb domestic and external shocks has not helped.

The Government began the process of seeking an extension to the preparatory period for graduation early this year through a formal request from the Minister of Foreign Affairs & External Trade, Jeremiah Manele to the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres. 

This was done in consultation with the Ministry of National Planning and Development Cooperation.

Based on assessments conducted by United Nations teams, a recommendation for Solomon Islands to be granted an extended preparatory period for a further three years was put forward to the ECOSOC. This process culminated in endorsement by the General Assembly to allow Solomon Islands another three years’ preparatory period from 2024 – 2027.

Graduation from the Least Developed Country is a key priority for Solomon Islands. The Government firmly believes this step must take into full consideration Solomon Islands’ post-conflict history.

This extended preparatory would allow the Government to consolidate national efforts and put in place a smooth transition strategy for LDC graduation. This is to ensure its graduation is sustainable, irreversible and resilient.