Results ready for 527 stations

By Netani Rika

OFFICIALS have released voting figures for 527 of the 2170 polling stations.

At 6.30am today (Friday) SODELPA had polled 44,501 (49.25 per cent) of votes cast, Fiji First had 37,469 (41.46pc), the National Federation Party 5897 (6.53pc), Unity Fiji 1494 (1.65pc), Hope 552 (0.61pc).and Fiji Labour Party 452 (0.5pc).

At this stage 31,623 SODELPA votes came from the Central Division, 5542 (12.45pc) from the East, 3752 (8.43pc) from the West and 3584 (8.05pc) from the North.

Fiji First took 31,127 (83.7pc) of its votes from the Central Division, 2004 (5.35pc) from the East, 3038 (8.77pc) from the West and 1300 (3.47pc) from the West.

The NFP scored 5008 votes (84.92pc) fom the Central Division with 337 (5.71pc) from the East, 386 (6.65pc) in the West and 166 (2.81pc) in the North.