PNG Parliament to consider use of three main languages

PNG Parliament House

The National Parliament will consider allowing the translation of parliamentary proceedings, Assistant Speaker Agena Gamai said.

Gamai said in response to questions without notice from Morobe Governor Luther Wenge to the chair on Friday.

Wenge said, in consistent with the National Constitution and parliamentary Standing Orders, the National Parliament must allow the use of the three official languages during Parliament sessions.

Wenge said English, Tok Pisin, Motu are three official languages approved by the Constitution and these languages must be used in the Parliament and there must be translated.

He said English and Tok Pisin have taken over the proceedings of Parliament and, therefore, he wants Motu to be used in Parliament and that can be translated to English and Tok Pisin and vise versa. He said he was impressed with the Member for Hiri-Koari who prayed in Motu in Parliament, but what he said was not understood as he does not speak Motu, unless they are translated, therefore, the National Parliament must allow three people to do translation of the three official languages as provided by the Constitution.