Pacific Games Opening Ceremony tickets selling fast

Photo: Sol2023 XVII Pacific Games

Since its launch last week, the 2023 Pacific Games opening ceremony tickets have been selling like hot cakes at the Point Cruz Telekom branch.

Games Organising Committee (GOC) ticketing Revenue Supervisor Mike Vereseni said ticket sales for the Pacific Games opening ceremony set for November 19th are the most purchased ticket type, as more people who visited their booth came in only to query and buy it.

He said tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies are limited.

“So, to avoid disappointment, don’t delay or wait until the last minute.

“Family members and individuals who intend to purchase tickets should do so earlier.

 “We forecast that opening ceremony tickets will run out soon based on the purchase rate and demand,” he said.

He said tickets for general admissions, packages, Sports City, Fantastic Friday, and Super Saturday are also on sale and expected to be picked up as we near the games.

He also clarifies that no tickets will be sold in the provincial centres, and all tickets are non-refundable. Those who intend to pre-book tickets are advised to contact the ticketing team in advance.

The GOC revenue supervisor adds that for now only Telekom Point Cruz is the selling point, and as of next week, their team will set up booths in other parts of the city.

The tickets have security features to avoid being duplicated or scammed.

Opening and closing ceremony tickets cost $200 (US$23) for each event. A package ticket for the whole two-week event costs $1000 (US$118) per head, meaning you can watch all the games from the start-up matches up to the finals (excluding the opening and closing ceremonies). The Sports City ticket package costs $500 (US$59), and you can watch all competitions hosted at the National Stadium, Aquatic Center, and Friendship Hall.

Venues that are non-ticketed where you can watch all sports games for free are DC Park, Honiara City Council Sport Precinct, Golf Club, and the Hockey Pitch.

Meanwhile, the three-day Test event is an opportunity for the Games Organising Committee (GOC) to Enhance Preparations for the 19 November Pacific Games.

This week, the GOC different functional areas have embraced the challenge during this test event to identify the areas in which they can make adjustments and improvements.

Spectators had the chance to witness the Athletics Championship Trials and explore the newly constructed National Stadium on the second day of the test event.

Numerous spectators attending the test event have shared their enthusiasm about visiting the National Stadium for their first time.

Joseph from Lion Heart Security Firm mentioned that some spectators are cooperative, some have questions, and a few are arguing due to misunderstandings about the rules and restrictions. He believes that dealing with such situations during the test event is valuable preparation for handling similar situations during the actual games. The test event spanned three days. It began with the 10,000m race, followed by a day of track and field events. The final day also featured track and field events and concluded with the highly anticipated TSL match between Central Coast and Solomon Warriors.