Dalton Tagelagi re-elected premier of Niue

Premier Tagelagi (Photo: IISD)

Dalton Tagelagi has been re-elected premier of Niue beating opposition leader O’love Jacobsen by 16 votes to 4 during the first sitting of the new assembly in Alofi.

During the meeting, Niue’s 20 assembly representatives also took their oaths of allegiance to the head of state King Charles III and to serve the government and people of Niue for the next three years.

Television Niue reports Tagelagi is holding discussions with senior members of the Fono today after which he is expected to name his cabinet.

The official opening of the 18th Niue Fono Ekepule will be held next week.

During the opening, Dalton Tagelagi addressed the nation and the eight new members of the assembly will also be given the opportunity to deliver their maiden speeches.

The broadcaster reports that in her concession speech, O’love Jacobsen congratulated Tagelagi and vouched support for his leadership and government.

But she also reminded the premier she will maintain the level of scrutiny expected of the members of the Fono Ekepule to hold the government to account.

Jacobsen has been winning elections in Niue for the past 35 years, apart from a spell when she was the country’s high commissioner to New Zealand. She came fifth of the six successful candidates on the common roll at the weekend, in an election that brings eight new MPs, and six women, into parliament.