Nauru’s Dame caught in alleged corruption in Bangkok

Onassis Dame

The Bangkok home of a former Nauru diplomat, Onassis Dame has been raised by Thai police in connection with an alleged scheme to forge Chinese and Nauru passports.

According to media reports, the residence was used as a facility for illegal operations by foreigners, including Chinese nationals wanted by Beijing for forging passports.

The consulate entered into the property lease in early September when Dame still headed it, according to a legal letter on behalf of the leasing company, a copy of which BenarNews obtained.

Dame’s current location is unknown but Nauruan authorities say he has been recalled.

The Government of Nauru on Monday clarified in a statement that “it did not sanction nor authorise the former consul-general to lease the alleged resident.”

“The Government had absolutely no knowledge that Mr Dame had entered into any such lease”, the statement said. Dame’s term as consul-general had expired in November last year.

The Government of Nauru says it is currently in the process of undertaking its own investigation into the matter as far as the allegations against the former consul-general is concerned.