Nauru cabinet sworn into office

Nauru’s newly-elected cabinet ministers have been sworn into office for the next three years.

Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony today, Russ Joseph Kun, Nauru’s new president who gained his seat unopposed, promised “to reach out to all Nauruans” in “steering the nation forward”. He said Nauru’s future will “continue to present challenges that must be addressed early on.”

Kun emphasised that the new government “will work more closely with development partners including Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, UK, the European Union, India, United States, and others, in (their) development endeavors.”

Present at the ceremony were Taiwan Ambassador to Nauru, Dean Wang, and Australian High Commissioner to Nauru, Helen Cheney, among others.

Kun acknowledged former president and new Deputy Speaker, Lionel Aingimea, “for the opportunity of working with him under his administration and for his wise counseling and leadership over the last 3 years,” he said.

The country’s Cabinet Ministerial portfolios are as follows:

  1. Russ Joseph Kun (President)
    Minister for Public Service, Foreign Affairs, Land Management, Justice, Women, People Living with Disabilities, Multicultural Affairs, Internal Affairs, Nauru Police Force and Nauru Emergency Services.
  2. Martin Hunt (MP)
    Minister for Finance, Transport, Eigigu Holding Corporation and Eigigu Procurement Limited.
  3. Wawani Dowiyogo (MP)
    Minister for Fisheries and Nauru Utilities Corporation.
  4. Rennier Gadabau (MP)
    Minister for Ronphos, Environmental Management, Infrastructure, Climate Change and National Resilience.
  5. Timothy John Ika (MP)
    Minister for Health and Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust.
  6. Richard-Hyde Menke (MP)
    Minister for Education, Sports, Naoero Postal Services Corporation and Nauru Sports Development Inc.
  7. Pyon Deiye (MP)
    Minister for Media, ICT, Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation and Nauru Fiber Cable Corporation.
  8. Asterio Appi (MP)
    Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Multicultural Affairs, Nauru Air Corporation, Eigigu Solutions Corporation and Nauru RPC Corporation.
  9. Maverick Eoe (MP)
    Deputy Minister for Justice and Cenpac Corporation.
  10. Isabella Dageago (MP)
    Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs, Women, People Living with Disabilities, and Nauru Tourism Corporation.
  11. Jason Bingham Agir (MP)
    Deputy Minister for Land Management, Eigigu Holding Corporation, and Nauru National Heritage & Museum.
  12. Reagan Winson Aliklik (MP)
    Deputy Minister for ICT.
  13. Jesse Jeremiah (MP)
    Deputy Minister for National Emergency Services.
  14. Delvin Oneil Thoma (MP)
    Deputy Minister for Ronphos.