Mob fear grips Honiara

By Netani Rika

A MOB is moving along the main highway into the Solomon Islands capital this hour. 

There are reports from Burns Creek of attempts to burn Prime Minister Manasseh Sogovare’s home. 

The mob is on the Prince Philip Highway carrying flaming branches and moving through Ranadi towards the business districts of Panatina. Kukum and China Town. 

Early today police fired tear gas to disperse an angry mob at the Fijian Quarter after Sogovare’s election as PM.

At least two policemen have been hurt in clashes with mobs and an arrest was made at China Town. 

The Pacific Crown Casino which was razed in riots in 2006 was attacked and ransacked today before police pushed the mobs back.

Riot police have set up a cordon behind shields on the highway near the Pacific Plaza