By: Peni Komaisavai
The construction of the new section of the Morris Hedstrom City Central (MHCC) building in Suva has been stopped until further notice.
Suva City Council (SCC) Chief Executive Officer Bijay Chand said work on the building remains on hold while they await an engineer’s report on the MHCC’s structural design.
“Once we see it, once it has been approved by us, then work will [re]commence on the building,” Chand said.
Chand says Carpenters Fiji will supply the engineer’s report.
However Carpenters Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Whippy has not responded to a number of calls and an email from Islands Business regarding the engineers’ report, costs and updates on the projects.
The building has been subject to controversy since last year, when work was first stopped when a number of columns were found to be sinking and a crack appeared in the car park.
At that time, Carpenters maintained that the existing shopping centre at MHCC was safe.