James Marape elected unopposed as PNG Prime Minister

James Marape

Tari Pori MP and Leader of PANGU Pati James Marape has been elected as Papua New Guinea Prime Minister for the 11th Parliament. 

Marape was elected unopposed, 97 for and none against. 

Among those that voted were People’s National Congress party members, including Pomio MP Elias Kapavore, Central Governor Rufina Peter, Ijivitari MP David Arore and Kandrian Gloucester MP Joseph Lelang. 

After his election, Marape was rushed to Government House to be sworn in by Governor General Sir Bob Dadae.

He was later returned to Parliament to complete proceedings.

Member for Manus Open Job Pomat was officially sworn in as Speaker of the 11th Parliament.

The swearing in ceremony was officiated by Governor-General, Sir Bob Dadae. 

Pomat was re-elected unopposed by the Members of Parliament.

Accompanying him to Governmnet House was wife Florence Pomat, Parliament Clerk Kala Aufa, President of PANGU Party, Erigeri Singin and members of Parliament, including Finchaffen MP Reinbo Paita, Hela Governor Philp Undilau, Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta among others.

Speaker-elect Job Pomat congratulated Marape for his re-election, which was indicated through the overwhelming support from his newly-elected MPs.

Peoples National Congress (PNC) Party leader and former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill walked out of the chamber before the election of Marape.

“I did not vote for Marape today simply because I can not support a leader not properly elected by the people in their electorates. I can not vote for what is wrong. I walked out and gave our party MPs the opportunity to vote on conscience. 

“I also have a Court case going on the interpretation of the constitution about Parliament sittings and return of writs and election of prime minister

“I thank you all for your unending support. I can feel the collective disappointment from many but ask that you remain steadfast in your belief in democracy and in PNG,” said O’Neill said in a statement.

Meanwhile, People’s First Party candidate, Kessy Sawang has been declared member-elect for the Raikos open seat in Madang Province this afternoon, while the 11th Parliament sitting was in progress.

Kessy Sawang toppled United Labour Party candidate and incumbent MP, Peter Sapia with a difference of 735 votes.

She was declared after the final exclusion, polling10, 888 votes, ahead of Sapia who polled 10,153 votes. 

Kessy Sawang is the second female candidate to be declared in the 2022 national election.

The first woman to be declared for the 11th Parliament was the new Member-elect Governor of Central Province, Rufina Peter.

Rufina Peter and Kessy Sawang are both first-timers to Parliament.