LTA boss on $0.5million salary

BY Netani Rika

DOCUMENTS released today show that the head of Fiji’s Land Transport Authority is being paid over half a million dollars annually.

Samuel Simpson was hired last year from the United Kingdom where he had experience managing a large bus operations in London, Manchester, Birmingham, West Yorkshire including being responsible for regulatory functions, safety and operational standards.

Documents leaked on social media included a letter from Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum revealing that Simpson was to be paid $539,747 per annum and be eligible for a bonus of up to 15 per cent of his base salary upon achievement of Key Performance Indicators.

The salary is 100 times the amount earned by a worker on the national minimum wage of $2.68 an hour or $5574 per year.

Simpson also receives an official vehicle and telephone as part of his package.

An average worker at the LTA earns $21,614 – $25,937.