Kokomo resort lays off staff

Reports have emerged from Kokomo Island resort that 60 staff have been laid off.

Kokomo General Manager Martin Persson says the workforce had been at an augmented (enlarged) level to support “development, construction and new operation” of the resort.

“With the construction nearing completion, the operation now established and the resort moving into its next phase, the resourcing requirements have reduced, and we have provided some people with redundancy packages in addition to their entitlements. We have made every effort to move staff into new roles where we can,” Persson continues.

Kokomo is one of Fiji’s most exclusive resorts,  a private island near Kadavu which is owned by Australian real estate magnate Lang Walker. It offers guests an option of beachside villas or private residences.

Last year, Walker opened a  private hanger for Kokomo guests at Nadi airport, telling local media then that he had invested A$120 million in Fiji, but that getting the business up and running had taken longer than he anticipated.

The staff made redundant this week say they have been given one week’s pay for every year of service, plus four weeks’ pay in lieu of a month’s notice.

 “Kokomo currently still employs 300 people and we look forward to continuing to provide a world-class resort and highlighting the amazing experience of Fiji,” Persson says.