Fiji’s official election results now live

By Dionisia Tabureguci
The Fiji Elections Office (FEO)  has begun releasing official results for the 2018 National General Elections via the FEO app.
This is after provisional counting results that had taken place manually at polling stations throughout last night are being entered fresh into its results management platform.
Users of the app can now check actual vote tally by clicking on the “2018 Final Results” icon, which features live updates from FEO’s Results Management Systems.
Under “Results by Venue”, users can see the details of how voting went in each polling venue including the number of votes cast, the number of valid and invalid votes.
At the time of writing, ballots from 30 out of 2170 voting stations have been counted and this represented a total of 2462 votes being cast. In the lead so far is the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA – 1,255 votes) followed by Fiji First (1052 votes), National Federation Party (NFP – 84 votes), Unity Fiji (43 votes), Humanity Opportunity Prosperity Equality (HOPE-18 votes) and Fiji Labour Party (FLP-10 votes) at the tail end.
FEO’s Results Management System was developed by DATEC in a contract awarded to the local software firm last year as part of FEO’s preparation for the upcoming 2018 general elections.   
Initially designed in 2006 by DATEC, the company also won a bid to update the system prior to the 2014 general elections and again won the bid to update the system prior to the 2018 elections that has now allowed a more accurate tracking of Fiji’s election results.