One million blown away by Fiji’s ‘epic’ training method for Wales World Cup match

Photo: Fiji Rugby

A lot has been said about the gruelling nature of Wales’ World Cup training camps so far, and Fiji have certainly shown they are not messing about either.

Wales’ first World Cup opponents at this year’s tournament have displayed fantastic camaraderie in their training camp.

The collective can be seen trudging uphill through wet sand, bare foot and in the rain. All whilst singing to keep the energy high.

The video was posted to Semi Radradra’s Instagram account over the weekend and picked up over 70,000 views on the platform.

However, the clip has gone viral on social media in the last 24 hours, being reposted on a number of pages. It picked up over 300,000 views on one Tweet alone.

It then found its way to TikTok, and has so far received over 600,00 views and 80,000 likes on Rugby World Cup.

Fans were loving it, and had a lot to say about Fijian culture.

Welsh rugby pundit Sean Holley described it as “epic”, while one fan said: “The Pacific island nations are always my favourite thing about World Cups. Their spirit and culture is woven into rugby and it’s always so special to see them play, compete at tournaments.”

Another added: “In sport, business and daily life, I think we should all just be a bit more Fiji”.

Wales face Fiji in each side’s first game of the 2023 World Cup on Sunday, 10 September in Bordeaux.