Fiji lawyer debarred

By Anish Chand
Human Rights lawyer and politician Aman Ravindra Singh has been stripped off his practicing license by Fiji’s Independent Legal Services Commission.
He has also been fined $5000 (USD2,400).
Singh has posted on his social media page that he intends to challenge this decision.
Yesterday 25 March 2019, the Independent Legal Services Commission passed a sanction which suspended my legal license and fined me $5000 with condition,” he wrote.
My only wrong doing was that I had not responded to a letter from the Chief Registrar within 14 days,” Singh added.
Singh says he can’t publicly discuss the case for now.
I do not agree with the findings of the previous commissioner and will be using the appeals procedure to file an appeal in this matter. 
Therefore, I will not be publicly discussing the merits or the lack of it in this matter until the appeal process has been concluded,” he stated.
His law firm is now closed.
“My law firm remains closed until further notice & I cannot be appearing in court or taking any instructions,” he says.
He was found guilty for professional mis-conduct in November 2018.
Singh had led the Fiji Labour Party into the 2018 General Election as its Leader and has been a thorn in the Fijian Government’s side because of his outspokeness and his fight for greater freedom and human rights.