Fiji election nominations open

By Anish Chand

Fiji candidates who have already been named by their parties for the 2018 general election can now start filling in their nomination forms.

The Fijian Elections Office has made available the NOMINATION OF PARTY CANDIDATES BY A POLITICAL PARTY form to all political parties.

Each political party can nominate 51 candidates in the 2018 elections.

 So far only the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) has released the names of 27 candidates.

 The National Federation Party is in the process of vetting its applications while the FijiFirst and the Unity Fiji party have advertised for expressions of interest from potential candidates.

 Candidates who have have been named can now start filling in the nomination of party candidates form and see if they meet all the criteria outlined in the form.

 Each candidate has to be a citizen of Fiji and can’t hold citizenship for any other country.

 He or she must be a registered in the register of voters and should have resided in Fiji for at least 2 years immediately before being nominated.

 The candidate must not be an undischarged bankrupt and not subject to a sentence of imprisonment when nominated.

 Any potential candidate being nominated should not have been convicted of any offence and imprisoned any time during the 8 years immediately before being nominated. 

Each candidate also has to pay $1000 when filing their nomination.