Drought crisis to continue in Kiribati

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Kiribati’s Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy (MISE) has said the current drought crisis affecting Kiribati is projected to continue in the coming months posing risks to health, sanitation and other social and security issues.

Willie Tokataake made the remarks during the handing over of drought relief supplies by Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong last week.

Tokataake said the Kiribati Government will continue to invest in water desalination plants with the current drought crisis, more desalination plants and other water equipment and tools are needed.

He said the items will not only supply fresh drinking water to communities but also to ensure access to quality, reliable and safe drinking water during this crisis.

The Kiribati Government is closely monitoring the situation and will regularly provide updates to its development partners and the general public in the coming months

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services on Christmas Island has confirmed the outbreak of pneumonia which has affected mostly young children on the island.

The office told Radio Kiribati on the island the virus developed from the rhinovirus which normally affects the respiratory system or the lungs of those affected.

It said the virus can be easily transmitted through coughing, sneezing and hand shaking. Its symptoms include running nose, fever, coughing and sore throat. The Ministry reminds the public there to maintain hygienic practices in their homes, washing hands with soap, wearing face masks and staying at home.

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