COVID on the rise in Nauru

Lionel Aingimea

Nauru, one of the world’s last COVID-free nations, reported its first COVID community transmission case last Thursday.

And President Lionel Aingimea in a statement yesterday said the total number of positive cases recorded as of Monday 20 June had risen to 372.

Currently, there are 140 people quarantined at the Budapest Transition Station, and 150 at the Menen Transition Station. Eleven people are in the negative pressure Acute Care Unit, including one child who is “well and playful” says the President. Three of them are unvaccinated for “personal reasons”, but according to Nauru health authorities, everyone is well and none of them are showing symptoms nor do they require critical care.

It is reported that there are police officers who have also tested positive and they are in isolation. The Nauru Police Force (NPF) has received the approval of the COVID Taskforce to set up an isolation facility in the NPF training room.

The statement said Nauru is in Phase 2 which is to implement measures to slow the transmission of COVID. Quarantine facilities are near capacity and when capacity is reached, the island nation will enter Phase 3 which is home isolation.

The people of Nauru have been advised to follow proper COVID measures such as wearing face masks, home isolation, hand sanitising, and stay informed through radio, TV and Facebook for messages from the health authorities.

President Aingimea said he is thankful for everyone’s cooperation and diligence with health measures.