China Southern Airlines to increase flights to PNG

Photo: Skytrax

China Southern Airlines is considering the possibility of increasing the number of its flights to PNG. 

Last December, the Chinese airline company landed for the first time in PNG opening a direct route between mainland China and PNG.

Now after three months of operating satisfactory weekly flights, the airline is looking at increasing the number of flights into and out of PNG.

In response to questions from this newspaper, China Southern Airlines noted: “Since China Southern Airline launched the direct passenger route linking Guangzhou and Port Moresby on 20 December 2023, the operation of this route is sound and in line with expectations.”All the flights were carried out on a weekly basis as planned, providing passengers high quality service.

Only one service was cancelled due to the recent fuel shortage in PNG.

Now the China Southern Airline is looking at the possibility of increasing flight frequency on this route.”

While the direct flight between Guangzhou and Port Moresby offered ease of access for travellers, it also enhanced economic, trade and tourism between China and PNG.

It is noted that on its weekly route, the flight does carry import and export into Port Moresby and PNG as a whole. “In the future, China Southern Airline will continue to remain committed to the PNG market and provide safe and convenient air travel for passengers. We also warmly welcome PNG people to take this route to China to experience China’s economic and social development and feel China’s excellent traditional culture that has been inherited for more than 5000 years,” the airline said.