Bau chief dispute

By Netani Rika 
THE Native Lands Commission claims it has ordered a stop to the installation of the Vunivalu on Bau tomorrow  (Friday).
Ratu Vananalagi Vesikula – the NLC Commissioner- said he had made the decision based on discussions with the four households in the Tui Kaba Clan.
Ratu Epenisa Cakobau, son of the late Governor- General, Ratu Sir George, was to have been installed.
But Vesikula said the households of Mataiwelagi, Muaidule, Naisogolaca and Qaranikula were not in agreement.
Each of the households can provide the Vunivalu, traditional head of the Kubuna Confederacy since Ratu Seru Cakobau who led the ceding of Fiji to Britain in 1874.
Ratu Epenisa’s older brother, Ratu George, has been proposed as an optional candidate.
The last Vunivalu was installed in 1959 and died in 1989. Since then the title has been vacant.
At least two people have laid claim to the title in the past.
Ratu Epenisa is the eldest son of Ratu Sir George’s second wife, Lady Lelea  of Bau. 
Ratu George is the son of Ratu Sir George and Adi Viniana Gavoka of Namata.