Archbishop wants their own as school head

By Anish Chand

The Catholic Church of Fiji wants a principal or a head-teacher who practices the Catholic faith as head of a school run by the Church.

Archbishop Peter Chong made this plea to the Permanent Secretary for Education Alison Burchell at a meeting earlier this week.

Chong spoke on behalf of faith-based communities who were concerned with the appointments of leadership in their schools and itsconsequences to the unique culture of the schools.

The faith-based communities accept that the open merit recruitment and selection system implemented by the Ministry of Education is good.

We agree that the school leader should have the necessary qualifications, that is knowledge, experience, skill and ability. However, it neglects the faith dimension of education and human existence. We are told that religion has no place in the OMRS policy.” Archbishop Peter Chong told the PS for Education.

The head of the Catholic Church said “Catholic Headteacher or Principal should be a practicing catholic who gives testimony by his or her life.

Re-introduce: Criteria for appointment – that the appointee should be able to contribute to the special character and culture of the school.” Archbishop Peter Chong told the PS for Education.

Archbishop Peter Chong told the PS for Education they want the re-introduction of consultations  between the MOE and the School Management on teacher appointment.

We wish to reaffirm our equal partnership in education as owners of the school, with government and parents,” Archbishop Peter Chongtold the PS for Education.

We make this submission with deep concern for our children and the future generation of our country. We are concerned that our children, our future generation will be deprived of the richness of our faith traditions.”Archbishop Peter Chong told the PS for Education.

Archbishop Peter Chong told the PS for Education that a faithless education system will deteriorate the moral standards of country.

A faithless society will have no sense of meaning and order and will be headed for destruction.”Archbishop Peter Chong told the PS for Education.