29 signatories on vote of no confidence motion against Vanuatu PM

A total of 29 Members of Parliament have signed and lodged a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Charlot Salwai Tuesday evening, marking a month and one day since he assumed the role as Vanuatu’s 27th PM.

This no confidence motion has been registered and is scheduled for debate in an extraordinary parliamentary session next Tuesday, carrying 28 signatories calling for this extraordinary session.

The mover of the motion is Marc Ati, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition and MP for the Luganville Constituency.

It was seconded by Port Vila MP, Ulrich Sumptoh.

The motion presents four substantial grounds justifying the removal of PM Salwai.

The signatories of this motion includes MPs from various parties including the presidents for Vanua’aku Pati (VP), Rural Development Party (RDP), National United Party (NUP), People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Iauko Group (IG), and Union of Moderation Parties (UMP).

During the 2nd Ordinary Session held Tuesday, the President of UMP, MP Ishmael Kalsakau, and fellow UMP members who are also signatories of the motion, occupied the seats at the centre within the parliamentary chamber.

All bills listed for discussion during the 2nd Ordinary Session were withdrawn by the Leader of Government Business, MP Jotham Napat, as the government lacked the necessary support to pass these bills. Among the withdrawn bills was the Appropriation Bill for the year 2023.

The Speaker of Parliament, Seoule Simeon, closed the Second Ordinary Session without achieving the passage of the 2024 Budget.

MP Ati emphasised the opposition is taking swift action to present this motion, intending to convene a new government promptly for addressing the country’s urgent needs including discussions on the 2024 budget. If the motion passes, the new PM will be Vanuatu’s third PM within three months.