CYBER FRAUD A crime without borders

FIJI, as one of the South Pacific’s most developed economies, is fast becoming a prime target for “cyber thieves” across the Globe.

Tuna woes

FIJIAN operators are uncertain whether a recent proposal by the Forum Fisheries Agency to reduce Southern Pacific Albacore Tuna fishing by 40

A call to action

REGIONAL leaders have greeted the outcome of the Paris Climate Change talks with a sense of jubilation. In fact, there is a


TWENTY years of negotiations culminating in intense and physically as well as emotionally draining deliberations in which negotiators burnt the midnight oil


HALF a loaf is better than none seem to be how Pacific Island Countries received news of a world agreement on climate

New smoke, old mirrors

IN Paris last month, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull announced that “Australia will contribute at least $1 billion over the next five years

Stop the bias

Shameem: Comprehensive training will assist judges, magistrates to eliminate or minimise male bias A PACIFIC-WIDE robust policy was necessary to eliminate or minimise

Time’s up for Kilman?

FOURTEEN prime ministers in 15 years of independence, with no government serving for more than 13 months since 2012, the only predictable