Vanuatu – standing above the rest

ONE of the Pacific’s smaller island states, Vanuatu stands taller than the larger nations with its consistent, principled stand on social justice,

Slow growth expected

NAURU’S economic growth is expected to slow down this year with the country heavily reliant on revenue derived from finite and uncertain

A leader’s LEGACY

THERE is a rousing story that still now, inspires me. As with many other Fijians of my generation and older, the narrative

A tale of SORROW

Letters tell of tropical mission hardships The Mission of Our Lady of Sorrows Collected letters translated by: Father John Crispin Publisher: Star

Small kingdom, BIG risk

WITH an extremely thin export base, Tonga’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and fisheries. Expect little change to the economy in

Gulf in women, men wages

UN HDI Report reveals status of gender disparities in Pacific PACIFIC island nations still have a lot of work to do in

Focus on tourist arrivals

WITH visitor arrivals up 6.1 per cent in the first three quarters of 2015, Samoa will increase momentum in the tourism industry