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2015 November

Insult to the Pacific

Minister’s visit draws leaders’ ire AS Indonesian Minister Yohana Susana Yembise attempted to woo Fiji’s women, church leaders in her home were calling for justice.

2015 November

Drought hits Vanuatu

AT least two young children have died of malnutrition in Tanna as the El Nino drought worsens in Vanuatu. One child less than a

2015 November


AFTER years of unassailable sustainable growth, the Papua New Guinea economy is in trouble.   The once hailed as the Pacific’s tiger economy is struggling

Battle for the Pacific

Phone provider pushes into content market LESS than a decade after entering the Pacific market, Digicel is poised to become the biggest player in the

2015 November

No sign of digital TV

Carrier scurries to make tower deal FIJI’S $16million national digital television platform was announced with much fanfare in 2014 and was to have

2015 November

Fiber optic bill signed into law

THE path to bring increased Internet speed in Palau is well on its way following the signing into law of the fiber optic bill on

2015 November

Act to ensure participation for prevention

THE annual UN Security Council Open Debate on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 hosted by Spain recalled the active mobilisation of women’s groups globally after

2015 November

WE Say

Vanuatu teaches region lesson in governance WHILE October was a tumultuous month for the people of Vanuatu, events in the former condominium taught the

2015 November

Pulpit platform for battle

Anglican primate tackles island issue head on WHEN the Archbishop of York passed through the Pacific in August, his visit went relatively unnoticed by

2015 November


On the high seas, a fight to save our fish stocks FOR the past few months, Greenpeace’s famous Rainbow Warrior ship has been in