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Selling the Pacific dream

Would you believe that out of the over 900 million international tourist arrivals registered by the United Nations’ World Tourism Council in 2012, only 1.6 million visited the shores of 16 Pacific Islands countries (PICs) that are members of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO)?

Give preference to local fishing fleets

Pacific Islands governments have a responsibility to control tuna fishing in their waters, and should be giving preference to local fishing fleets instead of granting more licences to foreign fishing vessels. Parties to the Nauru Agreement Secretariat


Threatening Aussie scribe…So what’s the real whisper about one veteran Australian journalist who reportedly waved his fingers angrily at a woman executive

Weathering the storm together

I n January 2014, Tropical Cyclone Ian devastated a number of islands in the Kingdom of Tonga, a brutal and sobering reminder