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Forum is work in progress

Melanesian leaders failed to attend the 2nd Pacific Islands Development Forum on the Fijian resort island of Denarau last month. Conspicuous in


More trouble for the multi-million dollar tuna industrial zone in Madang Province, on the northern shores of Papua New Guinea. Work on


I would like to express condolences on behalf of Greenpeace for the passing of Laisa Taga. Our deepest thoughts are with her colleagues and family in their grieving.

Fiji has made rapid progress to elections

Fiji’s possible return to the fold of the Pacific Islands Forum, the region’s preeminent inter-governmental organisation of independent nations of the Pacific,

Do many hands make light work?

The reality is that, with the greatest goodwill in the world, many of these countries are too small to be viable in

Step down: Opposition demands

Melanesia has had a lot going for it for more than a decade now. The exploitation of onshore and offshore resources have

China only too keen to fill the gaps

Top New Zealand politicians’ periodic flights into the Pacific Islands with media contingents and popular Pacific rugby players in tow have been

NZ reaps rewards from cash cows

Soaring demand for $NZ10 billion New Zealand milk and dairy products from the South Pacific region and parts of Asia has prompted