Tour operator goes hybrid

Green fleet

WITH the growing number of tour operators and tourism logistics companies, every passenger moved makes a difference. And sometimes the business edge comes not only in volume of traffic but by the ability to move more passengers at a fraction of the cost of the competitor.

More travelers are becoming aware of the carbon footprint they create by flying from one end of the globe to another. In this age of climate responsibility, anything a traveler can do to mitigate against climate change and global warming is a plus. Fiji-based tour company. Pacific Destinations, recently added two brand new Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid to its fleet as part of the company’s strategy to minimise its carbon footprint.

The company is looking at adding at least two more vehicles before the end of the 2017 and more during 2018. “Two vehicles may be a small number but it is a start towards their work, keeping Fiji clean and they will be adding more RAV 4 Hybrids in the coming months,” Managing Director, James Sowane explained to Island Business.

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