Bad kava ‘not good for sex’

Uproar over kava-drinking women

WOMEN’s advocates have lashed out at criticism against kava-drinking women who beat men at their own past-time. The Deputy Secretary of iTaukei Affairs Board, Saimoni Waibuta, was quoted as highlighting the supposed concern about the over-consumption of kava by women in villages. Mr Waibuta’s comments emerged from a meeting for all Roko Tui regarding proposed village by-laws.

“While Mr Waibuta did say the issue of excessive kava drinking also involved men, it is curious that the burden of blame for this problem should be put on women,” said Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre co-ordinator Shamima Ali. “If excessive kava drinking is a problem, any by-laws should apply equally to men and women.”

“Yes, there are some women who love kava and drink as much as men, but this problem of excessive consumption is by far more common among men all across the country.” “And women who do drink kava usually still ensure they do their share of work around the home and in the village. When men spend time away from their family responsibilities drinking kava for hours on end, it is the women who bear double the burden through their increased workload.” 

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