Shipping can’t afford to slow steam on climate

WHILE US President Donald Trump has his head in sand on climate change, shipping cannot afford the same luxury and must act to cut back on greenhouse emissions. More importantly for governments and shipping companies in the Pacific, whose livelihoods depend on the people they serve, and whose lives depend on the actions they take to address this very real threat in the islands.

The outcome of the International Maritime Organization negotiations showed why Pacific island governments must stay focused on the issue of decarbonisation of the shipping industry. In the first two parts of this series, Pacific-based experts showed how island governments must adopt some lessons from our traditional past. Colin Philp, whose sail design powered the Na Mataisau, an inter-island ship in Fiji in the 1980s with a proven 30 per cent fuel savings record, said island governments must seek changes at home while waiting on the world to adjust.

“Whilst it is sad to hear that the IMO has not had the determination to make a serious commitment to reduce harmful emissions, we in the Pacific must not wait for international conventions or policy changes,” said Philp,now the president of the Uto Ni Yalo Trust, which advocates for a clean ocean and suatainable sea transportation

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