A bold step forward

THIS month Islands Business enters an arrangement with the Auckland University of Technology which takes our magazine into places of influence in New Zealand. More than 400 more copies of the publication each month will carry the AUT logo and enter board rooms, places of learning and homes in New Zealand and around the Pacific. This is an initiative of which we are extremely proud for it brings two of the Pacific’s leading brands – one in journalism, the other in education – together for the first time.

IB has been involved in regional journalism for close to 30 years. The AUT has emerged as a credible institution with a fine tradition of journalism training for regional students. We hope that over the next 12 months IB will bring to the Pacific some of the excellent journalistic work for which the AUT has become renowned. At the same time IB stands committed to increasing its coverage of this widely diverse region. In recognition of the magazine’s status as the Pacific’s leading local news product, we have been contracted to provide coverage of the South Pacific Tourism Exchange on Australia’s Gold Coast.

This is the second successive year that IB has been honoured to cover the event using a multi-media platform – on our website, Facebook and in the magazine.We will introduce a video component providing key interviews from the SPTE every day. 

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