PNG Tourism seeks a boom

PAPUA New Guinea’s usually underrated tourism sector is for the first time seeing a strenuous commitment by any government with a K50 million 2016 budget funding and a new aggressive minister that is intent on taking the industry to a whole new level.

Though the potential of tourism has long been recognized, the current limited level of development and relatively low visitor numbers are a reflection of the significant constraints which the sector faces. However, in addition to the lift in funding and the ministerial appointment is a master plan that will provide the basis for a comprehensive and ‘whole of government’ approach to the development of the sector.

There’ll be new agenda items for the governing body of tourism development, the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), to help promote tourism locally and internationally. The Minister for Tourism Justin Tkatchenko aims to lift the standard of tourism. Mr Tkatchenko, who is also the Minister for Sports and National Events, said he will make use of the K50 million budgeted this year for TPA to promote, market and develop tourism…

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