Playing with space

Making a difference to climate change

THE slow but certain onslaught of climate change continues to impact the lives of millions of people across the world. In the Pacific, communities in Fiji have moved to higher ground as the land on which their previous villages were built is swept out to sea by encroaching waves. Yet industrial power plants continue to create energy and the heat from emissions from factories, cars, aircraft and the burning of forest for commercial farming or housing makes the globe even warmer. Carbon emissions choke life out of the environment and economies struggle to meet the high demands of housing, feeding and clothing six billion people.

But climate change and lack of land is the least of the Pacific’s problems. The more pressing issue is NonCommunicable Disease – caused mainly by increased urban migration, the lack of land on which to plant crops, and a misconception that consumption of highly processed imported food is a sign of wealth and progress. It is for these reasons that the Fijibased Pacific Conference of Churches is spearheading a project of reconciliation with Mother-Nature, source of life. The aim is to combat NCDs, poverty and climate change while empowering women and creating stronger families and communities.

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