Connecting seafood businesses with investors

OVER 60 per cent of the enterprises gained investment, new partners or new customers from connections made during the event participating in an event that aims to connect seafood industries with investors. Founded by Monica Jain, the Fish 2.0 is a global business competition that connects seafood businesses with investors, giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to win cash prizes, gain international visibility, find strategic partners and attract new investments.

“I’ve been working in the seafood sector and also in finance for 30 years and I kept meeting investors who said they didn’t know much about ventures in the seafood industry , which is why they weren’t making investments,” said Jain. “Seafood ventures on the other hand said investors aren’t interested in us. So what I learned was that it wasn’t that investors weren’t interested, but that presenters didn’t know how to present themselves properly,” she said.

It was then that Jain realized this business development gap in the market and gave birth to ish 2.0 that connect successful seafood businesses to investors, does education around how to present business pitch to the investors effectively, and how to create business Connecting seafood businesses with investors By Priya Chand strategies that would help businesses attract investors.

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