Fallout in French Polynesia

President Fritch proposes new party

IT’S hard when you fall out with family.
President Edouard Fritch of French Polynesia is the former son-in-law of long-serving politician Gaston Flosse. Today, however, personal and political
relations have soured. During the long decades of Flosse’s presidency, Fritch was a loyal supporter as a member of the ruling Tahoeraa Huiraatira party.
Flosse chose Fritch to succeed him as President in September 2014, when the ageing politician was dismissed from office following convictions for corruption. Since
then, the two men have fallen out and Flosse is actively campaigning against his successor.
On top of difficult decisions over taxation, a looming budget, and pressure to sort out compensation for nuclear test survivors, President Fritch doesn’t need a bitter battle with his former father-in-law!

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