Bribery, pardon & prison

IT could have been a movie script as it contained gripping drama, pathos, intrigue, high farce and action.
And it involved police, politicians, lawyers, judges and money, lots of money.
But it is not a work of fiction – it is real live politics, Vanuatu style.
And it still had some scenes to play out before a stunned and captive audience in Port Vila. An amazed yet mute gathering of several hundred stood outside the central police headquarters and the maximum security prison in Port Vila and watched slack jawed as 11 MPs, including ministers and three of their lawyers, were led into prison on October 16.
The 11 arrested MPs were Silas Yatan Rouard, Paul Barthelemy Telukluk, Tony Nari, John Amos, Arnold Prasad, Anthony Wright, Sebastian Harry, Thomas Laken, Marcellino Pipite, Jonas James and Jean Yves Chabod.
The three lawyers arrested were Robin Kapapa, Gregory Takau and Wilson Lauma. The MPs and lawyers were charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice over the pardons.

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