Vanuatu celebrating 40 years

Red, Green, Yellow and Black are the four colours that distinguish the Flag of the Republic of Vanuatu from other national colours.

Red symbolises blood that binds the human race.

Green represents the fertile greenery of the islands.

Yellow stands for Christianity – the light that was shone by the pioneer missionaries who braved the once dark islands to bind the people for Christ.

Black confirms the black volcanic soil that nourishes the land to provide organic food for the inhabitants.

Vanuatu this month celebrates its 40th Independence Anniversary from Britain and France, the colonial rulers that jointly administered the 83 islands for 74 years from 1906 until midnight of July 29th, 1980.

On that historical night, as a young reporter with an ancient camera taking black and white pictures, I could not understand why some civil servants were wiping tears from their eyes as the British flag was lowered for the last time at midnight to a melancholy tune from a lone bugle blown by a police man in British police uniform.

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