Hell hath no fury

One thing for sure about leisure fishing…it gives the human brain and the “mind’s eye” time to reflect, mentally review, contemplate, “analyse” and even self-debate a wide spectrum of thoughts and issues.

Sitting, both legs dangled over the seawall opposite Lautoka’s Waterfront Road, I couldn’t help but engross my thoughts in the recent Fiji Times reports of what appeared to me to be a public-imposed “storm-in-a-teacup” feud between a former prominent and somewhat controversial Fiji government public relations officer/speech-writer and a local newspaper senior writer/political analyst.

The gentlemen involved were none other than former Bainimarama-government hired publicist, Australian/Fijian Graham Davis in the “Ethernet/Fifth Estate” corner and the Fiji Sun’s political analyst, Fijian/New Zealander Nemani Delaibatiki in “Fourth Estate” corner.

With fishing line cast to offer a free meal to those inshore striped-fish we locals call “qitawa” and intoxicated from the sugar-sweet air puffing from the nearby sugar mill chimneys, I found myself debating whether the English Playwright, William Congreve, had erred and had meant to write “Hell hath no fury as cohorts scorned” in his play, The Mourning Bride.

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