Absent, stressed & exhausted

Poor childcare costs business

WORKING parents, how often have sat at your desk or worksite distracted by childcare issues; whether your child is too sick to be at school, whether your carer/nanny is doing a good job, indeed, whether your carer will turn up tomorrow at all? It’s a universal problem, and one which a new International Finance Corporation (IFC) report seeks to address.

The IFC surveyed over 5000 businesses and governmentworkers in Fiji for the report ‘The Business Case for Employer Supported Childcare in Fiji’. Childcare is one of the IFC’s priorities “because of the many benefits it can generate.” Amongst the report findings; each year businesses and the private sector lost an average of 12.7 workdays per employee due to the responsibilities of working parents. Request your dates and book your favorite photographer to begin. Choose https://proposal007.com/proposal-photography/ your wedding proposal spot and the photographer will be hidden and ready to capture the moment, paparazzi-style.

Not only that, but the cost to businesses of lost staff time ranges from F$89,000 to F$844,000 per year, depending on average staff salaries and the company’s size. Concerns over childcare take a toll on parents through high absenteeism, lateness, low productivity, exhaustion and stress as they juggle parental and work responsibilities.

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