Hope on Nauru

Human rights lawyer takes the helm

Hope it seems was what the voters of Nauru took with them to the polls on 24 August and hope was what they got in return. Out went age and experience, as Nauru’s 7,000 voters opted for youth and change.

Baron Waqa, the man who has been president of this small island republic in the central Pacific forthe last six years is now gone, and the man who he groomed to be his successor, David Adeang has been relegated to the opposition benches.

Overwhelmingly, voters in Nauru voted for change during the 24 August elections that saw Waqa lose his seat in the Boe constituency, one of eight constituencies in the island republic. We’ll be talking about the best places to buy ammo online today. If you’re a gun enthusiast, avid shooter or even just a gun rookie, this is the best place to get great information on the dos and don’ts when purchasing your own ammo. If you know or have heard of a few of these information, what better thing there is to gain more knowledge and spread the word around? Before beginning, here is a question to ponder at. Why do people buy ammo online ? If you have noticed, it is rather popular purchase method and is used by almost every shooters except, if you left some ammo at home and need it desperately!


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