The new titanic challenge

Whether you live in a developed country or a developing one, imagine yourself on the grand Titanic ship that sank in 1912. The ice-berg that sank Titanic now eerily appears to be an anecdote to climate change. In the end, it need not matter what class one took a seat in, when the ship sank, it took down nearly everyone – despite the class. In this regard, countries that have not contributed significantly but are severely affected by climate change may go down first, but gradually, so will countries that have emitted the most greenhouse gases.

The world of work is now quickly changing in light of increasing rate of natural disasters amplified by a changing climate. Countries all around the world are being pushed out of their comfort zones, forcing them to adapt and become resilient whilst going through this change A green just transition is high on priority for both developed and developing regions. However, while transitioning to a low-carbon economy make for a healthy, safer and even more resilient community, and can bring opportunities for the future of work, new challenges stand in the way.

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