Our people at risk

OUR Pacific finds itself in an emergency and how we choose to deal with it right now will determine our future. Non-communicable

Diabetes hits home hard

FELITI Hoeft, 54, comes from the village Tofoa in Tongatapu. Before getting diagnosed with diabetes, he was a hard working man, gainfully

A fight for life

Sinking isles face new rising threat KIRIBATI has been a world leader in the field of climate change, punching way above its

Can of worms

Dispute over tinned meat FED up with constant bullying and a continued trade imbalance with its Melanesian neighbour, Papua New Guinea has

Hollow words

Does Obama mean what he says DESPITE his recent call for a world without nuclear weapons, the United States under President Barack

Battle for justice

Churches call for fair settlement AT the heart of the cry for justice in the Pacific is the damage to property and

Transfer fees fall

Bank helps island communities JUST a month before New Zealand imposed drastic limitations on remittances and money transfers, its largest bank announced

Jittery race

Turnbull holds on THE count hadn’t been completed yet in Australia’s triennial federal election and questions were already being raised about party