We need to seal PACER Plus

The heat is on for Forum member countries in the Pacific to wrap up negotiations and finalise their Pacific Agreement on Closer

A nameless deadly storm

23 dead, 50 still missing in flash flooding in Honiara  I t left as quickly as it came. And despite it being

Pacific NGOs up in arms

Greenpeace’s closure in Suva adds to an already growing concern amongst Non-Government Organisations in the region that their services are not appreciated.

Will Japan stop killing our whales?

A world court slapped a moratorium on Japanese from slaughtering whales in the Antarctic in April but the country’s whale enthusiasts have

Greenpeace to operate by

Greenpeace’s closure of its Pacific Office in Fiji last month has ignited fears that the global environmental group no longer considers the

Parties to Nauru Agreement loses CEO

The Pacific is losing one of its most prolific tuna negotiators who has been instrumental in negotiating greater returns for tropical purse


Fire without the engine …. Residents of Port Vila are up in arms about the absence of the familiar red fire engines

Growth for whom?

No political system has succeeded in eradicating inequality at any time in the history of humankind. Whether it is the many monarchies

Gloomy outlook for the Pacific

Rapid strides in pharmacology and the medical sciences in the latter half of the twentieth century has seen the near total elimination

Pressure on Communal Ownership

The story goes that when a western visitor new to the Pacific asked an islander why individual property ownership was so hard,