Tonga gets $10m

The World Bank will give approximately US$10 million to support Tonga’s reconstruction and repair of houses for hundreds of families in Ha’apai

UN sends mission to New Caledonia

Debates over electoral rolls and alliances The United Nations has sent a delegation to New Caledonia in the lead up to crucial

Tuila’epa in NZ for treatment

Days after being airlifted by the New Zealand Government for medical treatment in Auckland, aides of Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuila’epa Lupesoli’ai Sa’ilele

Pacific’s first flyover roadway

The metropolis landscape of Port Moresby is set to transform significantly with the construction of the multi million dollar Kookaburra Flyover Street,


Fiji to host SPC HQ? … Is Fiji really putting up a renewed bid to host the main headquarters of SPC which

Display of double standards

The Pacific Solution – Australia’s strategic policy to deal with the increasing hordes of asylum seekers arriving by boat on its shores

Unaisi Vuniwaqa

Impact on Brand Malaysia

The tragic disappearance of Malaysia Airlines’ wide bodied Boeing 777 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last month seems destined to