Debate over proposed power increase

The proposed 10% increase in electricity tariff in Samoa has received negative responses by the Samoa Chamber of Commerce and the country’s

From Mexico to the Marshalls

Castaway survives 14-month Pacific ordeal Late in 2012, El Salvadorian fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga and his Mexican companion Ezequiel Cordoba left southern

Climate ‘line in the sand’

“The 2007 IPCC report was rather a gamechanger in terms of people’s view of climate change,” says Dr Arthur Webb. His office

Orono Atoll , Phoenix Islands

MP’s jailing a warning

The jailing of a Papua New Guinea MP, his rival and their supporters in Madang for contempt of court has sounded a

Samoan language finally official

After 51 years of independence, the government of Samoa has just made its mother tongue the official language of the country. Many

Member service at FNPF HQ, Suva at the height of COVID-19


Threatening Aussie scribe…So what’s the real whisper about one veteran Australian journalist who reportedly waved his fingers angrily at a woman executive

Undermining investor confidence

A survey of businesses in Papua New Guinea published last month paints a damning picture of the state of the country’s governance

Land of business and opportunties

Starting from the first March 2014, Papua New Guinea is implementing new rules for Australian nationals visiting the country. The visa on